High-power tubes, pulse modulated tube, traveling wave tube, reflex klystron, microwave gas discharge switch tube, inflatable trigger tube, etc., which are widely used in the field of industrial heating, military radar, communications and radio emission.

It owns the complete vacuum electronic device production line, which is capable of producing the output power of 1 kW to 750 kW vacuum tubes and other components products. The annual production capacity is over 20,000 pieces, including vacuum furnace, hydrogen furnace, carbonization, exhaust, test stand and other key equipments that have obvious advantages in the aspect of producing super power tube.

Since the end of late seventies, we had developed FD-911s and a series of industrial high frequency heating tube in the character of High-efficiency, and then the FU7085F was successfully developed, which is the equivalent of Toshiba product. Nowadays, with the development of the high frequency field, we develop a series of super evaporative cooling tube, such as FU3092CA, the power rate can be up to 750 kW (FU3500C).

As the manufacturing base of vacuum device and military products, we gain acceptance widely. The high-power radio tubes, like FU3537C and FU3124ZA , which has been selected as the main tube type by SARFT(The State Administration of Radio Film and Television) now.